January 6, 2017

Creation for Spring-Summer 2017

Holiday isn't over yet and winter is just getting colder .. but I already started to make spring/summer creations. New year is time for a new start, making new plans or "resolutions" .. although I prefer not to call it as a resolutions, just a plan, something to look forward to, something to get excited for .. we all need this, right?.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but my resolutions, emm .. my plans .. I prefer to keep the list in my agenda, not in my blogs or social media. I did some reflections during the last month of 2016 and decided to be more quiet in cyberspace .. I just want to keep personal plans, personal. I shared enough, too much maybe, so this year I'll try to be more thoughtful, and pull my self away from negative thoughts and negative affects of social media. Something like a brief "hiatus" and concentrate more on learning new skills and tricks for my creations (both sewing and writing) ..

To open this new year with simplicity and colors, I made this top (blouses). I got the fabric from a friend as a gift, the color wasn't what I usually pick myself, but that's the interesting part! .. it's more challenging, I think. 

As the fabric has dragonflies and butterflies print all over it, I thought it would be fun for children clothing, but it could be something else, too .. so, I keep in mind: simple design (as the print already so busy and colorful) but neat finishing and a well-thought details when using/cutting the restricted (around 2 m long) fabric.

It came out quite satisfying ... 
I managed to use the 2 m long batik dobby fabric into 2 blouses (a matching blouse for mom & daughter). I was very happy to be able to finish the two of them in one day :)

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Every closing year was the time for us to reflect and begin the new year with plans.
Like a good book, we closed one chapter and open another chapter with enthusiasm and anticipation. With hope and excitement.
We made a usual New Year trip to Paris this year. Last year we stayed put in our home, but this year we've planned to go to Paris again.
I took this opportunity to go fabric purchase and restock. We went to Saint Pierre again just a couple of footsteps from Sacré Coeur, Montmarte. I knew the place so well, and I've missed this place so much.
The Marché Saint Pierre isn't the most glamorous part of Paris, as you could see. If you're not sure where it's situated and If you go there by Métro, just get down in Anvers station, walked up a bit to the direction of Montmarte (or just follow the tourist crowds) until you see bellow Sacré Coeur monument there are fabrics shops.
While in there, just keep vigilant. It's also one of the most hostile place in Paris, Barbes and Clignancourt just a couple of Métro stations away, and for some people it's the place to better be avoided.
But for me, Saint Pierre is the best place to find fabrics and sewing bits with unbeatable prices. This time I managed to find fabrics and sewing notions in 4 shops visits. Tissus Reine, Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre, Marché Saint-Pierre (Dreyfus) and one little "mércerie" (sewing notions) shop.
My girls helped me choosing fabrics. They both said "tu as trouvé ton bonheur ici, mong" (looks like you've found your happiness here, mom). Oh, yes, I did :) 

December 12, 2016

To End This Year ...

Closing this year 2016 with this event Marché des Créateurs (The Makers Market) in l'Usine, Genève. 

I'd like to thank everyone, the organizers and the team at Usine for having us, the public who despite the gloomy grey and cold weather came in to support us, my clients who've appreciated my creations and who've bought my stuffs, I hope you're happy with your purchases.

I wish everyone a very happy holidays and looking forward to the new year 2017 with another creative adventures ... 

Encore une très belle aventure créative pour bien clôturer cette année.

Je voudrais remercier l'équipe et les organisatrices de Marché des Créateurs à l'Usine Genève, merci encore Elisa et Mélanie pour l'accueil, le public qui malgré les grisailles et le froid est venu nous soutenir, mes clients merci pour avoir apprécié mes créations, j'espère que vos achats vous rendront heureux ..

Je voudrais vous souhaiter une très joyeuse fin d'année et bonne fête à tous!


Créatrice de Petits Pas.

October 21, 2016

Lining isn't a scary thing (anymore)

It's been a while I keep thinking of making a proper jacket. Proper here means, a fully lined jackets. Jackets that entirely lined. Yeah, yeah, boring for you who already done this, maybe, but to me it's completely new. Sure, I've done jackets before, they're using facings. But those kind of jackets we could only wear as a light cover-ups in mid-seasons kind of weather, but we live in Europe, and Switzerland particularly, winter too cold for light jackets. We need wool, we need fleece and knits.

So, I made up my mind, I must make my winter creations "properly" according to the season. I must learn to make a fully lined jacket. I must get this knowledge because a jacket that is fully lined will look more neat and professionally made. I decided to bring them on December's Marché de créateurs in Geneva (if I got selected again this year and I really hope so).

I started by making children jackets for girls and I choose colorful fleece fabrics for this. I'm happy with the results. I use cotton fabrics for all of the jackets lining, with different prints and colors because I think cotton is comfortable for kids and the prints make the jackets look fun and unusual. I do it on purpose as I wanted my winter collection this time to look standout and unique. I will also make fun capes again, of course, but as I already brought them last year, I want this year to be a little bit different (and better), so I prepared better too, from choosing fleece, patterns, and just using creativity to make each of my creations unique :)

PP - Winter 2016 Collection

October 10, 2016

Autumn Winter 16/17

I'm preparing autumn-winter stocks. This time, beside making kids animal theme capes (like I did every year), I added kids fleece jackets too. Just because I always want to do jackets, properly, entirely lined jackets. Because that's the one thing I haven't got the courage to do.

I'm picking the pattern that I got free from a sewing magazines, I thought the model is cute for little girls and the pattern plus the instruction wasn't too complicated to try. So I give it a try. I admit that I need to use my seam-ripper quite often (note to self: never underestimate the easy-looking pattern!) .. but finally I could finish the jacket nicely, and it makes me wanted to make another one .. so I got these RED and ORANGE jackets one fully lined with Batik and the other with Floral cotton fabrics.

I'm quite happy with them, next model would be another jackets (this time without the hoodie) .. but I love hoodie! .. oh well, let see .. maybe just try one without a hoodie :D

August 25, 2016


Hi I'm back from summer break! well, actually 2 weeks ago .. but I had so many things to handle in such a short time.

A couple of days ago I had a rendez-vous again in artraction office in Charmilles, Genève. It was the boutique manager’s request to see me and asked for new creations as a new stocks for ateapic boutique in Vevey, CH. I received her email while we’re still on vacation in Indonesia, and I just be able to meet her last Tuesday Aug 23rd 2016. I asked for a week timeline before I was ready to see her at her office, I plan to use a week-full to recover from jet-lag, tummy probs and to prepare my creations as well .. it wasn’t much time, but I didn’t have a choice as my boss will be going on 6 months sabatical leave starting this weekend! her last work day before leave is tomorrow! Aug 26th 2016. So, one week was all I had.
The meeting was great. My boss was happy for me that selling my creations was actually working as 6 items were sold during my 3 months probation period. So I felt relieved that I passed my probation time and that also means I could continue to supply my creations at their boutique in Vevey. She gave me the address of the boutique before the end of our meeting and before I was leaving her office.
I thank God for everything, the smooth meeting, the selling of my creations, everything ... yes, I worked hard for it and I did all of these alone, but one should always believe that God plays the biggest part in everything you do, without His blessings none of these would possibly happened.

August 14, 2016

Holiday is over!

Hello again!

We were just returning from summer vacation last Thursday and I guess I have a lot to share here. While still on a vacation I received an email from the boutique manager asking for more summer stocks for her boutique in Vevey. In fact she told me that 6 pieces of my creations had been sold and she was asking if we could meet up. I replied her email saying that we're still on holiday and I won't be able to meet her before 11 August. She said okay, she'll wait.

This new chapter of our collaboration wasn't that easy, The manager gave 3 months probation period for my creations (just like an employee in any other company), if they could sell them to their customers then I'm saved, otherwise my contract ended. That's why I felt so relieved knowing half of my creations that the manager hand picked for the boutique were sold.

otherwise my contract ended. And this is in Switzerland .. where the standard of quality is high and I can't predict if their client would appreciate my creations .. That's why I'm so relieved .. half of 12 pieces that the manager hand picked for the boutique were sold.

I received the good news while I'm in the mall with my 2 girls after my sewing class. Oh, I forgot to tell that I took one week made to measure kebaya class while vacationing in Jakarta as I wanted to make the most of my holiday there.

I'm so happy with the news, it means I could continue to put my creations in the boutique.

Maybe I'm just lucky. 
Many people can sew. Many people have more sewing, designing, pattern-making skills than I do. But what I believe is that each one of us has different journey, different stories.

When I started to learn how to sew a while ago, to me it's some kind of a "healing" process. We all have wounds from past life experiences and turbulences, and me no exception. Sewing soothes my wounds.

Starting Petits Pas - handmade creation only 3 yrs ago from zero (and with minimum experience) has brought my life a lot better and happier personally. It taught me to be patience that success is a slow-ripening fruit of your hard work and struggle. That learning is a lifetime process to be a better you.

And to know that you have life partner and friends who support you and knowing exactly how it is trying to live out of your passion, is a cherry on the cake, it makes this life sweeter.

new summer creation in progress